About Us

CS4U has been in business serving our clients for 25 years and has continued to grow as a result of our efficiency, dependability and aptitude in completing the task(s) at hand. CS4U is accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year through direct call or by appointment.

With our combined years of experience, CS4U provides the hands on expertise and know how in keeping you up to date with the latest advancements in computer security, networking and digital communication as it applies to your day-to-day business. We have provided certified technicians that have lead or assisted corporations with legacy to cutting edge environments in some of the most complex infrastructures in operation today. From the Desktop, to the Server, to the Internet, to your entire Infrastructure, CS4U has been helping businesses protect sensitive data and minimize risks with the confidence you'd expect from a partner in technology.

What We Offer

No matter what the size of your company, We build and support networks that deliver exceptional experience and provide complete high-performance networking enviroments. We generate solutions that will satisfy your everyday networking needs as well as your future needs, and we do it at a cost that is affordable to you.
Professional Services
CS4U Maintenance and Support provides you with the security of knowing that you have access to our engineers when unexpected issues occur. We offer technical assistance 24x7x365, software updates and upgrades, hardware replacement and web support that allows you to never leave your desk.
Regardless of vendor or technology, wired or wireless, from phone systems to web development to any form of communication your company uses, CS4U will make sure you are connected. We employ breakthrough technology to bridge the gap between business intelligence, IT network management and security.